It is an old Socialist maxim that everything is a reflection of economy. However, this was certainly not the case with the economically poor Ghanaians today as they beat the world number-two Czechs with a very convincing margin of 2-0 in the soccer world cup.

With a goal in the second minute of the match, the Ghanaians were super-charged as they launched attacks against the Czechs, who couldn't play as well as they were expected to and launched only a miniscule number of attacks.

A wrong tackle in the penalty area by the Czechs gave a chance to Asamoah, the Ghanaian striker, to score his second goal. However, he missed the penalty. Seven yellow cards and one red card–a sign of how roughly the game was played–were allotted to the players.

Ball possession was almost equal between the two teams, but the offensive Ghanaians had 10 off-sides compared to only four from their adversaries. A large number of missed chances from the Africans and a heroic display of goalkeeping by Petr Cech, the Czech goalie, saved his team from a greater agony.

The Czech team is comprised of experienced and aged players. The team also has played 9 times in the world cup. The Ghanaian team is playing its maiden world cup and is comprised of players mostly in their early 20s.

This upset is reminiscent of Senegal's one-nil victory over France in the '98 World Cup and a reminder of the fact that Africa can potentially be a hub of soccer in the future.


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