A Pay Raise for Civil Servants (Finally)

Afghanistan's budget for the new fiscal year, promising a pay raise for civil servants, was finally okayed by the country's parliament after several rejections.

This year's budget was hotly debated for over two months. The main objections against it were the inexistence of a pay raise for the country's badly underpaid civil servants, and the disparity between development funds allocated for the capital and the provinces.

Afghan civil servants, who are locally notorious for their tendency to accept bribes, only get $44 a month. This pay raise will take that total to $50.

The Finance Minister, Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi, said the pay raise was a very tough decision for his ministry because of a lack of resources. "The country's current income can not suppor such a move and donor nations do not allow it from [their] donations; they insist pay raises be financed by the country's own income," said the minister.

Afghanistan is diverting substantial amounts of money to combating the resurging Taliban fighters. Considerable amounts of money are also being spent over disarming the 1800 other armed groups currently active in the country. And with international attention waning, it is getting increasingly tougher for the country to sustain.

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